IT'S TIME IT'S TIME! You all made such amazing suggestions for sites around our city and I've been busily filling over 70 FEET OF PAPER with your ideas!

NOW we need to colour this giant colouring page in!

On February 2nd, the giant colouring book page will be mounted in LaLande + Doyle as part of Fête Frissons, a family friendly winter festival where I will need LOTS OF COLOURERS to help me colour this giant page in! My friends Ottawa in Colour are going to be there with their awesome book and as resident Colouring-In-Ottawa experts!

Check out the Facebook event here:

Thanks to the Arts Network Ottawa ARTicipate grant and the Awesome Ottawa group for their support, the Shenkman Arts Centre for the gorgeous gallery space, and CBC Ottawa for being our media AND crayon sponsor! 

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