Inktober T-Shirts

Inktober T-Shirts


These tshirts were all completed as part of my Inktober 2019 challenge! I completed a tshirt or tote bag for each Inktober prompt and made an original piece of apparel for every day of October. These one-of-a-kind designs were made using tote bags I already owned and second hand tshirts in an effort to give them new life and keep them out of the waste stream. 


SIZING: Brands vary enormously so these shirts are loosely grouped by size. "Small" also contains shirts with a more fitted cut. Check out exact measurements and compare to your favourite T-shirt at home!


Exact Dimensions and sizes are: 

Day 2: Mindless. Denver Hayes Mint Green "Everyday Tee" fitted medium. Height 22.5", chest 15.5"

Day 18: Misfit.  Banana Republic fitted medium, height 25" chest 15"

Day 25: Tasty. Kenneth Cole Reaction pink fitted XL, height 24" chest 18"


Day 30: Catch. Jerzees white small, height 24.5" chest 16.5"

Day 8: Frail. Zara Essentials Mens L, light grey height 26.7 chest 17"


Day 23: Ancient. King athletics white medium, height 26" chest 18"

Day 9: Swing. Stanfeild's white XL height 25.5" chest 18.5"

Day 31: Ripe. Banana Republic Stretch medium charcoal grey, height 26" chest 19"

Day 22: Ghost. Yves Martin Charcoal grey large, height 25" chest 19.5"


Day 17: Ornament. Banana Republic XL Burgundy, height 25" chest 21"

Day 11: Snow. Blue Mountain Ridge XL Height 27.5" chest 20"

Day 6: Husky Jack & Jones XXL light grey Height 27.5" Chest 22"

Day 27: Coat. Gildean heather grey XL, height 27.5" Chest 22"

Day 3: Bait.  Brand Uknown, White Unisex Height 29", Chest 22"


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