• Brenda Dunn

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! (I need your help!)

SO exited to share that thanks to the AOE Arts Council | Conseil des arts AOE ARTicipate grant and the Awesome Ottawa group, I get to bring The Living Colouring Book to life!

I'll be making a GIANT drawing that will span the whole Lalande + Doyle Exhibition space this winter SO WE CAN ALL COLOUR ON THE WALLS TOGETHER!!

BUT FIRST - I need your help! We've got a LOT of paper to fill folks so let me hear your suggestions. I need photos and spaces interior and exterior all over Ottawa that should be on this colouring page. Have a picture of a place that should be included? Comment below so we can get this gigantic show on the road!


Photo courtesy of Zara Ansar, c/o Awesome Ottawa

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