• Brenda Dunn

Happy Inktober! It's story time...

GUESS WHAT! The month of October is one of my favourites. NO it has nothing to do with sweater weather (although I love that too). October is the month when artists all over the world post a piece of art each day, every day, for the entire month of October. An illustrator named Jake Parker started it back in 2009 and gives a list of "prompts" every year.

This year, I'm creating an Inktober story that uses the prompts and releases one page per day. Because I can't just keep things simple, I'm making a video timelapse of EVERY page!


Just kidding, It's awesome. Join me and follow along with Ickle and Pickle over on Instagram, Facebook, or my YouTube channel! It's quite the adventure I assure you. ;)

If you haven't already, this would also be a VERY good month to check out the Patreon page where folks will be enjoying some extra special perks this month thanks to this Inktober thing! ;)

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