• Brenda Dunn


I MADE A COMIC BOOK! Ginger Binge is a collection of my favourite comics I made and posted all over social media PLUS a whole bunch of new ones I've never shared anywhere before!

IF you sign on to the SUPERNOVA or HYPER NOVA tiers over on Patreon.com/artinjest BEFORE DEC 1st you'll get one of the first run of Ginger Binge AND some extra surprises! GO GO GO!!!

You can order this little book at artinjest.com or pick it up at Octopus Books, The Village Quire , The Art House Café and Planet Botanix.

HUGE thanks to the folks on Patreon. Your support makes it possible to create these comics and I CLEARLY need an outlet for these antics. Thanks to Shawn MacDonell for always snapping my good side. Big love to anyone who has been digging the social media silliness and enjoying my comic posts. So excited to be able to bring this book to you!

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